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The most flamboyant race on campus at an eXtraordinaire National French Week

On Tuesday, November 14, during National French Week, the French Club was busy celebrating France and its culture on the SPX campus and promoting French as a fun, beautiful language to learn that is in high demand for future careers in the U.S. and around the world. During lunch, delicious home-made chocolate mousse and Clafoutis cherry cake were served, which Sartans devoured in no time! But la crème de la crème on campus was la Course des Garçons de Café, the French Waiters Race, which takes place every year in French cities across the nation, including in Paris. To win this flambloyant race, fierce Sartans walk as fast as possible to a target, holding a tray with an Evian bottle from the French Alps and a water glass filled to the rim which they cannot spill. Many students, from all grades, joined in the fun! In France, le garçon de café or French waiter, is a true institution. They are known to have an elephant memory, a formidable sense of balance, a sense of style, and iron calves. That’s because they run all day! They are not brisk, but fast, and proud of their profession. And on the annual Waiters Race in Paris, they run for miles to win a prize for their dexterity in the City of Lights.

Now a few fun facts about the French language and the St. Pius French program: Did you know that our neighbor, Canada, is the US largest trading partner before China and that over 2,400 French companies established in the US employ more than half a million Americans? French does open doors to many careers in the U.S and abroad in the fields of science, technology, medicine, business, international law and relations, and more.

Aren't these great reasons to sign up for French next school year? 
At St. Pius, we offer French level I to IV, including honors courses, and culture is weaved in every French class to make them more engaging and fun. Did you also know that St Pius High School has an exchange program with a reputable high school in Rennes, northwestern France? Consequently, sartans get to practice their language skills with French high schoolers and explore the French culture with peers across the Atlantic. Lastly, for the past 7 years since 2010, Sartans have consistently earned State Champion titles and top 10 rankings in the nation with the competitive French National Contest. We are very proud!

SIGN UP for French next year!
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