From the Chaplain - The Importance of Monday Mass
From the Chaplain - The Importance of Monday Mass
Father Chike

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Calvary blessing to you all. I express gratitude to you in my capacity as the Chaplain of St Pius X High school, for your support and collaboration with the administrators and faculty of this institution towards the formation and education of your wards. I say a big thanks to the greater number of you who prepare, challenge and even drop off your kids on campus early on Monday mornings for our first community activity for the week –the Mass. Please, I wish to bring to your notice the lateness to our school Monday Mass by some of the students.

I explained in my first letter to you in January 2014 the need for Mass as a communal rather than subjective thanksgiving, and a fertile ground towards achieving the purpose for which this institution was founded and for which you send your children here. As the art of learning and formation is a very serious and difficult exercise, we come together every Monday as a community to thank God for a successful weekend and pray for the grace of a future blessing within the week. Through the Mass, we also commit all who have something to do with our school into the communal relationship of the heavenly bodies.

It is a common saying that the family that prays together stays together. As such St. Pius X family wishes to bring every other thing we do together on campus, be it academic, social or extracurricular into oneness through prayer. We are therefore making it a point of duty to begin our week at school with Mass. The homilies within this Mass are 99% directed to youth audience. Themes around issues generally worrying them are chosen. Most of the difficulties our students grapple with in life amidst today’s culture are discussed with a more sincere positive language than does the media by the Deacons, who are above all parents, and myself on rotational basis. 

Regrettably, we are hearing rumors that some students do not attend the Sunday Mass under the pretext that we have Mass on Monday at school. This is not at all in line with the sound human reason, Church teaching and the Lord’s advice on prayer. (Lk. 18:1; 1 Thes. 5:17). In the same vein, students are not to skip or come late on Mondays to school Mass because they attended Mass on Sunday.

We call on parents to lend their voice in encouraging and challenging their kids to be present, on time, and to participate in this important part of their school program. Parents allowing their students to forgo participating in our weekly Liturgy, and supporting this behavior either overtly or tacitly, is counterproductive to the holistic educational formation of your children. This may have an adverse effect in their character formation, which to my own assessment is the goal of education.

I sincerely thank you for the tremendous work of parenting you do, and encourage your maximum cooperation with those you have entrusted at this point with your children’s formation. I keep praying for you as I also do for your children. 

Peace of Christ be with you all.

Fr. Chike Uba         

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