Imagine Falling In Love With France
Imagine Falling in Love With France

Still wondering why you should take French at SPX?
The reasons are plenty! In addition to learning to speak a beautifully romantic language, French is your S.A.T connection (since about 30% of all English words are derived from French). French also opens doors to the world and to amazing jobs, including with the U.S. government. Why? Because the world speaks French! French, along with English, is a truly global language—over 200 million people in 50+ countries on every continent speak French. French is the language spoken by the U.S.  largest trading partner, Canada. In the U.S. alone, over 2 million French natives use French daily, and some 2,400 French companies in the U.S.  employ about 650,000 Americans. So perhaps with French, one day, your children will be able to find their future dream job. 

At SPX, learning is interactive and students are learning the ropes and key linguistic concepts with French games and skits, fully immersed into the French language while having fun in a collaborative environment.
An example of that is when French level two Sartans performed a filmed creative group skit at a fictitious French restaurant after learning how to order food, identify complex items on a French menu and expressing opinions on various dishes (see photos).

french yule
Now, did you know SPX offers a comprehensive French program, French level I to IV honors
, taught by a native French speaker, and has a exchange program with le Lycée Chateaubriand, a reputable public high school in Rennes, Britany, northwestern France? 19 French seniors visited SPX this year for 10 days in November; everyone had a blast! As for French clubs members, in addition to watching some brilliant films this semester, such as The War of the Buttons and Joyeux Noël and cooking French desserts in the school’s kitchen, they got to sing Christmas carols in the language of Voltaire and celebrated advent with the traditional French Christmas log, La bûche de Noël, prepared by a local French baker, La Quiche. Well, it is time to place our souliers (old French word for ‘shoes’) under the tree like the French do and wish you a Joyeux Noël! Don’t forget to sign up for French class next school year! It is easy to fall in love with French class.

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