Learn French by Doing
Learn French by Doing

Having fun learning French by doing!

Using cell phones to converse in French outside, watching student-produced French TV cooking shows and finding a hidden snail can in the class, eyes closed, with directions in French from teammates.

How about a full immersion into the French language and learning key linguistic concepts while having fun in a collaborative environment?
That is what SPX students did last month in their classes. Level 1 students were sent outside to practice their French conversational skills and telephone numbers by talking to each other in a realistic setting, that is with their cell phones turned on. Back in class, students practiced texting in French, choosing their favorite French texts from a listing of some common 60+ texts used in chat rooms.  While learning vocabulary on asking for and giving directions in a city, students in French level 2 had to find a hidden can of snails in the class by giving directions in French only to a partner who happened to be blind-folded. And let’s not forget the Lotto and the Price in Right games used to practice French high numbers from 30 to a billion, as well as the fantastic, creative, student-produced French TV cooking shows presented by the French honors 2 students this February! Students then brought to class the French dishes or desserts they had prepared and filmed at home. It is so easy to fall in love with French at Pius… So sign up for French next year!

Saint Pius offers French I to French IV classes, including honors classes, all taught by a native French speaker. We also have an exchange and pen pal program with a reputable French high school in Britany. How exciting it is to be able to communicate with a real French teenager.

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